What is a Live Casino?

live casino

The internet casino industry is huge and growing. Its first incarnations were rather primitive, but since then operators have been trying to make the experience as close to being in a brick and mortar casino as possible. This has led to the creation of live casino, where real people deal the cards and spin the roulette wheels in a specialised studio. Players can play from desktops, mobile devices or TVs.

The dealers themselves are very well trained, undergoing intensive training to make sure they understand the rules of popular games and capture the attention of their audience. They also have to be able to cope with pressure and remain professional even when things go wrong. In addition, they need to be able to speak clearly and with confidence. As a result, a good quality dealer can be worth their weight in gold.

As a player you can use the chat function to communicate with the dealers and other players in the same way as you would on a social networking site. This gives the game a more personal feel and is one of the reasons that many players choose to gamble at a live casino.

During the live game you’ll notice that the dealer makes superficial hand gestures to indicate things like clearing the table or dealing new cards. This is because the dealer isn’t just a face but an actual person. These hand gestures are interpreted by OCR software which converts the symbols and numbers into data that is then transmitted to the player’s screen. This system means that the results are immediately known and winners can be notified without delay.

Another key piece of technology used in a live casino is the GCU or Game Control Unit, which is a small device that is placed on every table. It’s about the size of a shoebox and encrypts the video broadcast. This is essential if you want to be able to know in the blink of an eye whether or not you have won your bets.

A lot of the same rules apply to live casinos as with standard online casino games, but there are some important differences. For example, most live casino websites will only allow you to place bets of a certain amount, which is generally lower than what you can wager at a regular online casino. Those who want to be able to wager more than that will need to look for a reputable casino that supports multiple platforms.

Live casino offers a unique, immersive gambling experience that brings the Las Vegas vibe to your home. With the ability to interact and socialise with other players, it’s an ideal option for those who enjoy playing online casino games but want to take it up a notch. Just be sure that you’re choosing a reputable site and always check the terms and conditions before depositing any money. Good luck!